Have you ever wondered how many people others have on their email list?

I do. And I’ll go ahead and come right out with it.

I have 100 people on my email list.

*gasp* yep I just let the cat out of the bag.

Here’s the deal…

I love having 100 people on my email list. They are my top 100, they are my favorites.

Want to know why?

They actually read my emails – although my list may be quite small, I have a high open rate, low unsubscribe rate, and a ton of support. For every 20 people who sign up, I typically have 1 who unsubscribes. And I want that. That 1 person doesn’t fit with the awesome 100 on my email list and they need to go!

They support me – publishing content can be intimidating because we’re always wondering what everything else is thinking. Is it good? Is it bad? Did I catch all the typos? Is this too short? Too long? Well, my Top 100 not only open my emails, they also take the time to share my articles. And yes, I take the time to read and share theirs as well.

They keep me accountable – I know if I don’t publish a new article every single Monday, my Top 100 will know. And some of them will text or email me saying “hey, what happened? Anything going on?” Which means I need to get my act together and produce great content every single week. Because I said I would and they are expecting it.

They inspire me to become better – knowing that I have 100 people who are there for me, who read my work and are wanting more reminds me I can’t just write a lackluster piece each week. I have to pull from my raw emotions and write from the heart. That means, in part, I’m writing for myself, but I’m also stepping up my game. I want to write better articles, share better insights, and do more for them because I have a Top 100 who are showing up and expecting more every single week.

Yep, I have a small email list and that’s fine. Of course, my list is growing, but I’d rather be of value to every single person I have on my list right now than grow it to 100,000 who will just toss my emails into junk mail.

Numbers can be very attractive, but every single life is important. I’d rather impact the life of 1 person than make a difference in the lives of none.

And if you’re worried about numbers, focus on value and the numbers will grow.

If you have a huge email list do you have high engagement? If you have a small list, are you producing great content to wow and inspire your ideal readers?


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