Social media can be overwhemling and alot to take in!

Christian Karasiewicz keeps you up to date on the constant changes in social media, particularly Facebook, and helps you gain results. I had the honor of chatting with Christian via Google Helpouts and have used his suggested tools to improve my platform. If you’re struggling with social media, you should turn to Christian Karasiewicz first!

christian-karasiewicz-twitterQ: Why you choose to create your idea lifestyle and who/what gave you the idea to make it happen?

A: I’ve been working in social media marketing for about nine years now. During this time, I’ve had a lot of valuable experiences and learned a lot. I get a lot of satisfaction out of teaching others and helping share my knowledge. This is what led me to launch a YouTube channel and to build out my blog so that I could share this information with others who were looking for help.

Q: Obstacles to success: What roadblocks did you initially encounter?

A: The biggest roadblock I encountered was to not get discouraged. At first, you might doubt yourself if you‘re not seeing a lot of traffic or people sharing your content. This can cause you to question if you’re spending your time the right way. Celebrate the small gains to help you continue to move forward and grow.

Q: Achievements: What successes have kept you motivated?

A: To keep myself motivated, create a list of goals – short-term and long-term. Every week, take a look at your goals and assess where you’re at in meeting them.

Q: What advice would you like to share?

A: Don’t wait to your launch your product until it’s perfect. If you do, that day may never come. Get it out there to see if there is a market for it. You can always improve on it to make it better.

Q: What is one action individuals should take towards expanding their reach on social media?

A: A lot of people think they can sign-up for a social media channel and they will instantly build credibility. It’s hard work. If you want to build your following, spend time being helpful and by commenting and sharing content from other people. This will help establish you as a go-to resource.

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