There are so many ways to connect…

with prospective clients, like-minds, business contacts, friends and more. The challenge is finding out the network your target market uses most often and where to connect with them. As Natalie points out in Day 2 of the Social Media challenge:

You want to be where your audience is

Today’s prompt is:

Who is your target market, which social media sites should you be focusing on and why?

I must admit, I’m one of those kinds of people who is on every social media platform available whether I use it or not. I’m still trying to figure Path out but at least I’m there, right?

I have some pretty drastic target markets.

As an author I write fantasy/adventure stories. My first book is geared towards children and although I don’t market it very much a market forth at book still exists.

As an entrepreneur I provide inbound marketing services for other businesses, musicians and independent authors. My target market for them is again quite different.

As a writer I like to spend time inspiring others by sharing my own journey, whether a bright visual of my daily life or quick thoughts on an issue at mind.


The social networks I use to share my story include:

Facebook – I joined Facebook back in the day when it was just for college kids and continue to update my network of college friends. It’s a locked down personal site where I can post and stay up to date with my friends (and now family) through pictures, videos, links, articles and status updates.

Facebook Page – I just created a Facebook page, it is brand new and badly in need of some attention. This page consists mainly of my blog posts which could be useful to all three of my target markets, readers, authors and entrepreneurs.

Twitter – I highly recommend Twitter because I’ve found it to be one of the easiest networks to grow, expand and connect on. Everything goes on Twitter multiple times a day (or hour).

Google Plus – this site is used to mainly connect with readers and writers

LinkedIn – Most of the time I use this site to connect with other professionals, for the most part I don’t do any marketing or promoting on this site.

Pinterest – I have one board for promotion called “Get Inspired” while it is a collection of sayings or quotes which inspired me they also link back to relevant site. I also have other board, namely “Amusement” because I like to laugh and there’s no need to take life too seriously (and by that I mean laugh more!)

Instagram, Foursquare, Path, Vine and Tumblr are all sites I’m on and actively use daily, however these sites are more for fun and a lot of the same information tends to get posted on some of these site. For example any posts I write are automatically sent to Tumblr and any images uploaded to Instagram automatically post to Tumblr.

While this might be social media overkill its helpful to make the distinction between sites I use for fun, and sites I use to reach a target market.

What social media sites do you use and what’s your favorite site for connecting?

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