I’ve heard it one too many times

You can’t make money from blogging, social media doesn’t sell products!

My gut reaction is to declare “Yes it does!”

However I realize the power of persuasion is better applied with research.


My blog and use of social media has helped me make money.

When I first stated blogging I was writing for myself, the sole purpose of my blog was a place where I could go to write without a timeframe or creative stipulations. Sometimes my post would be an photo or three brief sentences, but for the most part I gained traffic off of those short posts. I did not have to worry about:

  • Hitting a 300 word minimum
  • Creating content rich in keywords
  • Writing a topic that would sale

The best thing was since I wasn’t worried about meeting a certain criteria, writing and finding my voice became easier. I even wrote a post about finding focus for your blog and went from blogging monthly to weekly and finally it’s daily (but no promises on that).

My blog first started getting attention from clients when I joined oDesk and Elance.

I provide some content management and social media marketing services typically geared towards authors and musicians since I’m both.

In 2009 I published a fantasy short story for children called Gwyn’s Tale and in 2005 release a rock album with my band (appropriately called Rock the House). I played lead guitar in the rock band it was a thrilling surprise when the album sold 4 figures within the first month!

Clients began asking about my content writing, social media services and whether I use WordPress.org as a content management system platform. I used to refer them to my old blog and because it wasn’t a sales pitch I believe that also helped to seal the the contact.

Finally, I spoke with an incredible business coach who suggested I create my own website and encouraged me to step it up. While my site is still in the works slow progress is still progress.

The one last push I needed came from joining the Suitcase Entrepreneur 30 day Blog Challenge and I was able to move my blog from its old location to this brand new site mid-Challenge!

That being said today’s prompt for the 10 Day Social Media Challenge is:

How will you build a blog with purpose that you can also profit from?

Without my blog I never would have been able to:

  • Discover fantastic writers on WordPress.com
  • Write with my own unique voice
  • Meet great clients in Canada, Australia and the UK
  • Create a revenue stream using content marketing
  • Increase my productivity (doing more with less time)
  • Expand my network using social media
  • Learn about creating adventure in life and freedom in business with The Suitcase Entrepreneur

I think everyone should start a blog

Whether it’s to share your story, write about a topic you found interesting, offer advice, share your fantasy/adventure novel or just write for yourself. I think WordPress is the best platform out there and I believe anyone can get started. (Now if you’ll excuse me I have several blog posts to catch up on.)

Why did you start your blog? Share in the comments below!


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