My favorite moment in flying is take off. One second you’re quietly sitting in the ground, completely restricted by gravity, earthbound. The next second you’re free from all restraints, shooting upward with the goal of standing above the clouds and quickly shooting towards your desired location.

What I love about take off is the momentum it takes before effortlessly soaring free. When starting projects whether for work, freelance or a personal project building momentum is a key part of success. The right kind of momentum will ensure your project has a successful launch and will cruise at it’s own pace, granted you keep building upon the foundation you put in place. The wrong kind of momentum…well…a shaky foundation is the wrong place to start. I like to relate this to writing as well. Shortly I’ll be setting out for a writers retreat where I can spend plenty of time writing, reading and enjoying nature, one of the main sources of my creativity. I’ll also get to spend quality time building a foundation and strategy for my book series. (More details on that coming soon).

Today, I’m enjoying an early morning flight into the sunrise.


What do you do to build momentum? Share in the comments below!


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