Are you a fan of instant gratification?

Do you like to do something and see the results immediately?

Simply speaking for myself, I sure do. I love it when I post a picture on Instagram and get 25 likes and five comments in 30 seconds. I get excited when I post a status on Twitter and it gets retweeted by someone with 24K followers. It makes me happy when others share, comment on and like my blog posts.

But, instant gratification can blindside you.

After all, when you’re watching all the notifications come in, you can lose sight of what’s really important. Notifications are like a shiny new toy, that means nothing. They can eat away your time, distract you from your goals, and they just keep coming.

In reality, it’s not the instant gratification; it’s the daily, consistent steps you take every day, and every week that matter.

We’ve all heard the story about the tortoise and the hare racing each other.

What is hare mentality?

Hare mentality means you’ll launch out fast, gung-ho about starting your project. But somewhere along the way, you’ll get distracted, deflated or lose energy.

What is tortoise mentality?

Tortoise mentality means perhaps you’ll launch out slow, but you’ll keep plugging away, even though there will be days when you’re uninspired.

But it’s the small steps that truly make a difference, so whether or not you’re a fan of instant gratification, you get to choose how you’ll end the race.

You see, making things happen isn’t about doing great work when you feel like it. Or waiting until you’re inspired, or in the perfect situation. It’s about the little things you do every day.

It’s easy to take a look at successful people, those whom respect and see as role models, and wonder how they got to where they’re at today. It’s because we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg, not the actual work that’s going on behind the scenes.

We don’t see the team of people helping them along the way, the almost complete project that got thrown out, or the numerous frustrations and hurdles to jump through.

On one hand, it’s a relief to know we’re all in the same boat, moving forward, overcoming obstacles. On the other hand, there’s certainly a few of us who will get distracted chasing the shiny new thing and will forget about finishing strong.

It’s your choice. Instant gratification is in-the-moment fluff. There’s nothing wrong with it until it distracts you from doing great things.

How do you handle distractions that come your way?


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