Ever feel the need to have everything perfectly under control?

Desperate Housewife SyndromeRecently I had a conversation with Michelle Homme of Constant Change. As we discussed the lessons learned through our lives, one issue came out. This one focuses on women and how they tend to undervalue themselves.

It’s a typical response of a woman to put their spouse, children, career and even sometimes, friends, first. While their hopes and dreams take the back seat.

In fact, a lot of women tend to try to hide their imperfections.

You’ll notice this most with socialites, their homes are always perfectly clean, the dishes are always done, the lawn is perfectly manicured.

While these women may “appear” to have it all together on the outside. On the inside, they don’t! This is what I call Desperate Housewife Syndrome.

The Desperate Housewife Syndrome – what is it?

If you’ve ever watched an episode or two of the 2004 television series, Desperate Housewives, you already the kind of behavior I’m describing.

Each of the characters is different, yet they all have the collective ability to hide their imperfections.

  • There is the one with the perfect husband, children, baked goods, house, yard and physical appearance. But on the inside everything is falling apart.
  • The beautiful model who wants to have it all without lifting a finger, who is in it for the money no matter what it costs. And it ended up costing, a lot.
  • The smart one with way too many kids who micromanages every single thing in her life, to the fact she drives others away from her.
  • The dumb one who is always setting herself up for failure in her love life and attempting to fix things by lying her way in and out of them.

Each of these characters had their flaws and in some episodes they tried to fix them to the point you almost sympathized with them.

But it was never enough.

The lying, manipulating, secrets and overwhelming drama continued.


The housewives didn’t realize their value. They kept trying to be someone they were not, swayed by outside opinion.

They did not realize that being the best version of yourself isn’t attempting to be something you’re not.

The desire to be perfect and have it all while hiding your not so perfect qualities may be tempting.

But, what’s more, important is owning up to those things you don’t like about yourself and taking actionable steps to fix them.

Your value in life isn’t based on the things you can do for others. It’s who you are deep down inside that’s important.

So don’t waste another minute trying to win approval based on material possessions, physical appearance or a list of good deeds.

Do you have Desperate Housewife Syndrome?

If so, what action steps are you going to take this week to improve your outlook?


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