This past Sunday, February 22nd, was the Oscars, one of the biggest nights for storytellers who use the film medium. In conjunction Dove ran the campaign #SpeakBeautiful on Twitter, a campaign focused on self-belief and positivity for females.

What makes this campaign so impactful is that it encourages women to speak positively, not only to each other, but also to themselves. Too many times I’ve heard my female friends put themselves down, talk about how they don’t feel worthy, and respond in shock when someone compliments them or does something spectacular for them. While there is a key to staying humble, there’s no need to put yourself down by talking bad about your appearance or your work.

It is actually true: there is power in our words, and even Michael Hyatt discusses how our words can sabotage our success. Just like we feed our bodies we have to feed our minds. If junk food goes into our bodies we’ll end up feeling sluggish, not to mention the impact it will eventually have on the way our bodies look! It’s the same with your mental mindset., If you’re constantly feeding negativity into your mind and putting down your accomplishments, appearance, or dreams, it’s an obvious path to cynicism and doubt. We’ve all heard the phrase “fake it until you make it.” The same rings true for speaking positively about yourself and getting rid of negative behaviors.

I challenge you this week, what will you do to #SpeakBeautiful?

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