I always had a hard time with math through my years in school, including college.

The main issue wasn’t about finding the right answer. If I applied the practices described by my math books, teachers and professors, yes I could find the right solution. However, the length of time involved finding the solution was always my problem, and the constant reminder to “show your work” irritated me.

Think Differently

Using complex reasoning to find a simple solution has never been my strong point.

I like to keep it simple. Instead of following the complicated equations, I spend most of my time in math finding simple solutions to complex equations. The problem? Showing my work became much harder and most of the time even though I came up with the “right” answer, the fact that the work I did to find the answer did not fit the standard made it “wrong”.

But who says we always have to come up with the “right” answer to please the institution of mathematics? Sure my backwards attempt at rewriting solutions worked out, and maybe they were not always consistent, but thinking differently does have it perks. 

What do you do to help you think different?


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