Travel hackers inspire me to find ways to become a savvy traveler.

The main setback which keeps me from traveling is pricing, which is why today’s prompt for the 30 Day Blog Challenge is on finding ways to save while traveling and rank up free or low-cost flights and hotel rooms.

Name 2 ways in which you’re going to become a savvy travel hacker in the next 6 months

Savvy Traveler

    • Family Discounts – One of my sisters works for a diamond star hotel chain, which allows me to take advantage of her employee discount and find low-price accommodations in the big city.
    • Priceline – hotel room deals and steals
    • Southwest – my favorite airline, while they aren’t world wide or even in every airport in the  USA I book my flights through them because they always have a fair price and don’t charge baggage fees.
    • Kayak – my backup site for finding flight and hotel deals
    • Travel Hacking – I’ve never used this site but I hear great things about it and look forward to using their tips and tricks to book travel in the future

What sites do you recommend for the savvy traveler?
30 day challenge


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