Which ONE tool are you going to use to be more productive?

If you’re anything like me, staying productive and organized is a requirement for my ideal lifestyle. Since time is short and I always have a lot of personal and business projects going on, I like to use a variety of applications to keep me productive. Plus, since I don’t always have all of my devices with me, I like to use applications that sync with my Macbook, iPad and iPhone.

Writing is one exercise I practice everyday. Back in the day I used to just open a new Word document on my computer, save it to Dropbox, and type up my journal, new blog posts, outlines, and business ideas. However, since I’m always on the run and direct editing is not necessarily seamless in Dropbox, I’ve switched over to Google Docs to manage my words. Creating folders, adding documents, sharing with my editor, and staying organized with writing has gotten a lot easier since that transition.

Another tool I use to be more productive is Wunderlist which is my personal and professional to-do list. Although I discuss my weekly goals with a friend/mentor it also helps me stay accountable by writing them down and checking them off. After all, it’s exciting and rewarding when you can cross something off your list.

Which ONE tool are you going to use to be more productive?


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