It’s August and school is back in session for high schoolers, college kids and graduates, which  reminds me, there comes a point in our lives (hopefully) when we complete formal education for good. High school is over. College ends. The Bachelor’s degree is hanging on the wall along with the Master’s and PhD (if that’s your goal).

However, at the end of the day, learning never ends. After beginning my first full-time job it hit me like a ton of bricks: college was only an introductory course for life!

As much as the college I attended tried to be well-rounded and provide an in-depth overall education in several core areas, I was still not prepped for life after college. Which is why I took my ongoing growth, maturity, and personal development into my own hands.

After all, continually going back to school to learn something new can add up financially. Besides, there are little things you can do every single day which contribute to your creativity and ability to know more and go further.

Although I love staying “busy” and always having time booked up on my high-powered schedule, here are some things I do to stay open-minded and allow myself to think from another perspective:

Indulge in a challenging read

Growing up as a bookworm, the constant desire to read has never left me. Although my timeframe has dropped from reading one book a day to one a month, curling up with a captivating tale on a rainy day is still my idea of relaxation. In the world of fiction my good reads are in the fantasy genre, while in the world of non-fiction I enjoy reading works by Scott Stratten, Michael Hyatt, Simon Sinek and Seth Godin.

Next Steps: Change your perspective by reading Linchpin by Seth Godin

Listen to creative individuals who inspire me

Natalie Sisson incorporates the epitamy of a single, sassy, successful businesswoman. I listen to her podcast on my way to work and always take a nugget of inspiration away that I can incorporate into my life. As the Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie spends her time traveling, working and having fun. Her lifestyle is a huge reminder that you can achieve your dreams, all you need to do is start.

Next Steps: Check out the Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast

Take action by practicing

We’ve all heard the phrase: “Practice makes perfect.” But how often do we take a step past the head knowledge and put that phrase to work? One skill I want to get better at is writing, which is why I make it a goal to spend 10-30 minutes writing each day.

Next Steps: Play some Brain Games to keep your mind challenged

Share in the comments below: What do you do to keep your mind challenged?


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