Recently, I saw a commercial where school children reminded their teachers of the benefits of actually taking their paid time off. You’re being paid to go play, so why not?

Research shows the United States has the highest percentage of workers who do not use their paid time off.

Treat YourselfHonestly, why is this the case? If someone offers me money to read my favorite book, spend a couple hours gaming and enjoying the sight of a city I haven’t been to, there is no way I’m saying “No, I think I’ll pass.” However that’s exactly what most Americans are doing.

It’s tempting not to take time off. Just think about never having to:

  • return to 100 actionable emails.
  • work overtime just to catch up on everything you missed while out of the office.
  • worry that someone did not do your job precisely and exactly the way you do it.
  • suspect you’ll miss a promotion because you weren’t at work 365 days out of the year.

But are these real worries? One benefit of taking time-off is that it can actually help increase your productivity when you return.

Enjoying my vacation days to the fullest has provided me with the ability to:

  • avoid burnout by taking a break from the daily routine. Sometimes you just need to get away from a situation to look at it with new eyes. That’s one reason people say “sleep on it” when you have a decision to make.
  • dedicate more time to my own creative projects, like writing my fantasy series and building my freelance business.
  • learn more about the world we live in by traveling to a city I’ve never visited, meeting diverse and open minded people, taking great pictures (check out my Instagram), and of course enjoying excellent food.

Each trip has taught me something different, but no matter what, I return home refreshed and ready to dive back into my daily routine with a fresh perspective.Though, I can’t deny that every road home reminds me it’s time to start planning my next vacation.

Next time you find yourself tempted to pass up on a vacation, instead take some time to do something you’ve always wanted to do but have never gotten around to. After all, you should treat yourself, it’s non-negotiable.

What benefits have you enjoyed from taking a vacation?


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