What are you working for?

Last week, Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur released her FREE video training series on creating a lifestyle business. After watching the first two videos my main take away was what are you working for? We all have passions, callings, things we feel we must do with our lives to make it impactful, fun, or meaningful. Each day we wake up with a clean slate hoping to live a day we are proud of, that brings together our passions and ideal lifestyle. A day we can’t wait to improve upon tomorrow.

What’s the problem?

Most people I know aren’t living happy, fulfilled lives, striving towards a greater purpose. Most people I know have unfulfilled dreams they aren’t sure how to reach for. Most people I know feel stuck in the daily routine with only a few hours they can put towards the goals and projects they are actually passionate about. For so long we’ve been taught to follow the rules of the game and join the rat race. Your mission in life is to graduate high school, go to an excellent college and get one, two, or three degrees. Afterwards, your goal is to work your way up the corporate ladder while buying your dream car, your dream house, getting married, having 2.5 kids and going on exotic vacations. In the meantime you’ll be putting money into savings for retirement, so that when you’re 60 or 65 you can retire and do all the things you’ve always wanted to do.

What Are You Working For?

What’s the solution?

Now, I’m the kind of person who does not particularly enjoy being told how to live my life. While I enjoy working with creative teams on projects, the idea of being copped up in an office building for most of my life is a nightmare. It’s especially hard during the spring and summer when the weather is perfect for spending time working and playing outdoors. Instead of following the dying trend of the rat race, I believe the solution is to create the lifestyle you actually want.

What’s the next step?

One of my personal goals is to become completely location independent, requiring only my laptop and internet for the work I do. In February of 2013 I started my part-time freelance business. The first year I surprised myself by making over $10,000 while only working 10-15 hours a week. Initially it took some time to find my sweet spot and I discovered many entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses. The most enjoyable projects I seek out now include book projects and content marketing and management.  While my business isn’t six figures yet, it will be, and as a result I now know what is possible!

You are not alone in the world of those leaving traditional lifestyle security for the lifestyle you REALLY want.

So ask yourself, today, what are you working for? 


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