Alright, the secret is out! I’m a closet gamer.

If you viewed the recent browsing history on my iPad, you’d likely find several Clash of the Clash searches.

While it hasn’t even been a year since I started play, I’m already an advanced player at Level 97! And one tactic to keep me on top is searching out what others have done that works well.

For those of you who aren’t even sure what Clash of the Clans is, I’ll leave it to Google to explain further. But Level 97 does have a nice ring to it, no matter what kind of game you are playing.

Clash of the Clans

How did I get there in less than a year?


It has been nine months, which is quite the time commitment – ironically the same amount of time needed to grow a human.

The same with entrepreneurship: if you make the time investment and commitment, you’ll certainly see results. Just looking back to where I was last year this time, I can see significant improvements.

For example, now I blog consistently, which wasn’t true at all last year this time!


In Clash of the Clans, it takes time for your village to grow, and leveling up your troops and defenses can take days. It’s tempting to want to skip ahead, moving on to the next phase before your village is ready.

But it’s important not to!

As you level up it becomes harder and harder to fight and win against the “big guys” out there. Eventually, they’ll come and take everything from you, and it’s tough to grow when you have nothing. Your best strategy is to make sure you’ve utilized all your resources and learned as much as you can before moving to the next phase.

Patience is an essential step in entrepreneurship; it can be tempting to give up and move on.

For example, as soon as you get a business idea, it’s tempting to run out there and start selling like crazy. You want to get the revenue stream flowing, right?

But if you’re not crystal clear on who you are, your mission, your message, and your target market, then your message will come disjointed. Yikes!


As a player, you have the optional opportunity to join a Clan, which is a group of individuals around the world who play Clash of the Clans and war together.

What’s so beneficial about a clan?

It’s your community.

Members range from beginner to advanced and help each other out. Besides sharing troops, members make recommendations for growth strategies and war tactics. A lot goes into setting up your defenses, and you constantly have to make tweaks for improvement.

Are you one of those people who hates asking for a favor? Is reaching out to others scary for you? You’re not alone.

Several of us are like that, heck, I know I used to be!

Someone I reconnected with recently told me that when you’re making a change in your life, you should get 50 cups of coffee with various individuals you know.

Why? To build those relationships and gain outside perspective. Plus, you never know what opportunities will open up because of those conversations.

Funny, it was something I’d been subconsciously doing, but you can read the full article by clicking here.


We all like to win, don’t we?

But if something is too easy, what’s the fun in that?

In the game, you win some, and you lose some, but to succeed you need to put forth an effort. You need to plan and strategize. Once you pull all the elements together, you can go forth, successful. And when you do win you can feel proud!

Plus, you get trophies. And who doesn’t like trophies?

When running your business, you make a plan, you strategize and then, you make it happen.

You fail. You succeed.

It’s important to highlight those achievements and celebrate every step of the way. Your focus should be to have a mindset of success!

It’s funny but simple; everyday entertainment can teach you life lessons.

What have you learned from an entertaining hobby?


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