Who do you listen to most? Is there one individual, community or celebrity that shapes your thoughts and actions?

Do you know who you are when you turn off the outside noise and tune out? By nature we are community driven individuals. We tend to form groups with like-minded people, from shopping buddies to sports teams, avid readers and writers to musicians to jam with. It’s no surprise the most popular internet sites incorporate socializing. Just think about the sites you browse most from an app or computer!

With all the noise crowding in from the outside, sometimes it can be difficult to remain firm in our personal convictions and mindset.

After all, everyone has an option about what you do with your life, what you study, what you wear, the way your home looks, your hair color, the music you listen to, the food you eat, etc. It’s enough to make anyone doubt themselves because there is no way to truly be yourself yet follow the trends and listen to everyone elses opinion. The real question is: Do you know who you are outside of your circle of influence?

Why you shouldn't be afraid of being alone


As I grow older I tend to value my alone time more and more, and if you have a spouse and children you understand how difficult it is to find alone time. Being single in the city does have it perks and one of them is the ability to choose how my time spent. Being alone comes with many negative connotations: going to the movies solo draws odd looks, even sitting down at a restaurant by yourself to enjoy amazing food draws sympathetic gazes. I can’t tell you how many times people try to make me feel bad for not being married or having children. What they don’t understand is that we all have the choice to take different paths in life, and being alone actually has its perks. Just because a person you look up to makes certain choices in their life doesn’t mean you have to make the same choices too.

Each lifestyle is different and conforming to one mindset is the very basis of dystopian societies. Becoming what someone else wants you to become is only okay if that is what you want as well. We are all called to a higher standard and should seek to live the best life we can. Spending time in solitude, whether an hour or a day, gives you time to listen to your inner voice.

Have you ever meditated? Do you notice how your mindset changes and clears from that quiet time spent alone?

Instead of listening to the overwhelming opinions of outside sources you can truly listen to yourself. Quiet time with your thoughts gives you the opportunity to rekindle your passions, visualize your ideal lifestyle and brainstorm next steps. As a writer I find solitary time useful for cranking out the next 5,000 words and working on marketing and promotional plans. Then, once again I can step out into the social community with confidence, knowing who I am and what my desires and goals are. Remember, don’t let others opinions drown out your inner voice. 


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