Social Media Marketing Strategy

You may be wondering, why social media marketing? It’s a huge time-suck and I can’t fit anything more in my schedule! Besides, is it really worth it? 

Of course, you know I’m going to say yes, as a matter of fact, just the other day I was chatting with a woman in a Facebook Group. We were discussing writing and I mentioned how useful her feedback was because I was working on a book launch at the time. She asked for a link to the pre-order page and purchased my book right then and there. Now, if I hadn’t been on social media, I would have missed that sell! And it’s likely if I had pushed my book on her, she wouldn’t have bought it. But, because we started a conversation, it turned into a relationship and from there, into a sale. Social media is relationship marketing. Build the relationship first, then the sale will come easily without the salesman guilt. 

Here are two overview guides for further reading:

Goals and Outlook

My goal is to jumpstart your social media marketing and fully implement it. I’ll work with you on a month to month basis until you feel confident taking over your social media marketing. Don’t want to handle your own social media marketing? No problem, I’ll completely manage all social media marketing for you and your business.

Who Is This For?

  • You have your own website and publish at least 1 new blog post or podcast each week
  • In one sentence you can describe your target audience
  • You have a brand which includes your logos, colors, visuals and marketing messages

The Consistency Package

This include:

  • 1 post every single day
  • Creating images with text using your branding + copyright free images

$300 per month per social media channel

The Engagement Package

This include:

  • 2 posts every single day
  • Creating images with text using your branding + copyright free images
  • Re-sharing content from prospective clients
  • Following other target audience accounts

$500 per month per social media channel

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