Have you ever worried about putting your work out there because you might make a mistake?

People will judge, unsubscribe from your email list, leave terrible reviews, and make you wish you’d never started?

I think we all can raise our hands and admit we’ve felt some of the fear of letting go of our work, and exposing it to criticism.

The question is, why are we so afraid of what others think of us and our work? I know deep down others opinions matter to us. We’re afraid of the negative things they are thinking about us. After all, we want to be liked; we want others to love our hard work and our beautiful creations.

Personally, everything I do feels like giving away a tiny piece of myself, especially when it comes to writing.

And yes, some people will read my blog posts and click away. Some will unsubscribe from my email list because it’s not for them, and there are those who will put down my book after reading a chapter or two because it’s not their kind of book.

(It is an epic fantasy and I did go quite wild on the creative side…if that’s your thing you can check it out here)

Make a MistakeHere’s the bad news, there will always be people who don’t “get it” and who don’t resonate with my work. The same goes for you, there will always be those who don’t understand, who don’t approve and who will sit back and judge.

The thing is we can’t sit around worrying what everyone else is thinking. Sure, we’ll put out something and wish we didn’t. We’ll make mistakes and wish we hadn’t. But the thing is, we’ll learn from them. We’ll improve and get better, and we can’t learn and improve unless we put out work out there, make those mistakes.

Yes, I’ve released blog posts with typos, sent emails with errors, and have messed up promotional material. I’ve jumped the gun, and I’ve waited when I shouldn’t have. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in the past. And I’ll make mistakes in the future. The trick is not letting those mistakes slow you down or stop you from making great things happen.

When I was working on my novel last spring, the feedback I received from beta readers wasn’t overly exciting. Which is why you have beta readers. My book was in the works, and there were some confusing parts, things they didn’t understand, and parts where they just stopped reading. I was concerned about their feedback, and I sat down and did some revisions that paid off.

Especially now when I check my reviews, it’s a joy to see what others thought. (Curious? You can read what they’ve said here)

Don’t be afraid to share and promote your work because someone won’t like it. Besides, the next time you share something, it will be better and will go further.

What do you struggle with sharing?


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