What does your writing process look like?

The more authors I talk to, the more I’m finding the writing process vastly differs from writer to writer. Honestly, I don’t believe there is a wrong way or right way to write your book. The key is, writing.

As an extrovert, my writing process is varied, unusual and at times downright hilarious. Here’s a look at how I write my books and find inspiration throughout the day:

Riding in the Car

During the 4th of July weekend, I had an 8-hour road to the outskirts of Cleveland, OH. I spent the majority of the time chilling in the back seat, sometimes with the puppy as my writing buddy. My friends and I were listening to the podcast: True Crime Garage. While it’s odd that I found time to write while listening to a podcast, it tends to work from me. Apparently, my brain is good at gathering facts and tuning out external noises.

Coffee House Writing Sessions

One place I find inspiration is at my local coffee shop. Yep, I’m one of those people who goes out to Starbucks because it’s convenient. I’m not going to lie, the local coffee shops in Nashville either have terrible parking, are too far away, or have overpriced drinks. People watching at coffee shops is one of my favorite ways to gather inspiration for writing. Whether it’s observing the mannerisms of the couple sitting across from me, the way they touch each other’s hands or listening to college kids stress out about an upcoming exam, I always find something to put into my tales.

Listening to Conversation

At times it’s easy to become stumped when determining mannerisms or the inflection of voices, listening to the ways others interact is a powerful way to add life to my characters. Make a note to watch couples talk to each other, or eat a meal together, they give off subconscious vibes about their relationship, from the way they position their bodies to the expression of their faces. Siblings act different, even complete strangers meeting and feeling each other out are fun to watch.

Hanging out in a public place

Some days I like to go downtown and sit outside. People who are new to the city, particularly tourists, are fascinating to watch. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they walk down the street, and for some reason, the babble of outside life inspires me. Currently, there is none stop construction going on around me, it provides a nice hum while I write.

Writing on the porch

The writing tends to flow without ceasing when I’m outdoors. It might be because most of my books take place outdoors. My characters are free-spirited and enjoy traveling, much like I do, whether it’s forced upon them or not. Basking in sun rays and listening to the wind blow the leaves off the trees reminds me of what my characters are experiencing as they travel. Most of the time, I can be found out back on the porch listening to the song of the birds and imagining a world of possibilities opening before me. These are quieter writing sessions, and allow me to dig deep into scenes and developing the relationships between characters. As of late, I’ve started to weave the threads of romance through my epic fantasy tales and I’m enjoying it…far too much…

Inspired writing

Most of the time I try to have my laptop with me, however, when walking through the grocery store, sitting in the movie theater, or hiking through hills, it’s hard to always have my laptop. Thankfully, I use the Notes app on my iPhone for inspired writing. Sometimes a scene will leap into my imagination and I mull it over while writing the highlights and details. Other times it’s a snarky line I have to capture or a plot twist which will seal the rest of the story together like glue. Most of the time it’s a delightful conversation with characters revealing more than they intended. Since Notes sync with my MacBook, it’s an easy way to have my work saved without worrying about losing a journal.

Power Hours

I don’t write every day, sometimes I can get 50 words in, sometimes I get 1500. I’m finding most of my power hour writing takes place in the evenings, generally between 9pm until midnight. When I was a teenager I used to sit on my bed and write, now, I like to return to those moments, curling up with a glass of wine and writing until the wee hours of the morning. It’s during those times the words flow, the story comes together and I feel as if a muse is whispering the words in my ear, telling me the tale of another.

I am a storyteller and it is writing time.

Now, it’s your turn. Remember, when it comes to writing you don’t have to lump yourself into a box. While it’s true there are certain themes and storylines that tend to sell better than others, you don’t have to settle for status quo. I’m a huge fan of writing the book you’re meant to write, and in my case, writing a tale I’ll be proud to read over and over again.

Share in the comments below. What does your writing process look like? How do you find inspiration for your writing session?

The writing process looks different for everyone. Here's an inside view of the writing habits of an extrovert.


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