Many writers have several tips and tricks use to stay focused, on target and happily writing.

Productivity is a cool word, but it’s hard to stay motivated and goal focused with the many distractions dancing around our heads. We all have our favorite locations for writing or are in the midst of discovering them. One of my favorite locations is the local coffee shop for three main reasons:

  • Off location – Escape the ordinary and heading into the unknown is a good push for creative people. I love leaving the consistent feel of home and settling down to write in a constantly changing location.
  • Coffee – Life without coffee would be…well I can’t even explain. My favorite is a White Chocolate Mocha and more recently I discovered a Northeast Autumn Mocha. (pictured below).
  • People watching – Eavesdropping is interesting, you get a chance to glimpse another person’s world out of context


I also find it way too easy to be distracted at coffee shops…

  • The atmosphere – depending on the type of crowd which frequents your local coffee shop it could end up being restaurant/bar loud and or a calm library-like atmosphere. I currently live in a college town with three universities within a three mile radius of my home. Atmospheres drastically change from the chatty independent coffee shop to the focus business-minded Starbucks.
  • Study buddies – unless your study buddy is quite focused, you’ll most likely end up talking, sharing funny posts, goals sharing and in general getting a lot less done. The best option is to put in your headphones and hunker down. Why headphones? Even if you don’t actually listen to music people as less apt to bother a person wearing headphones.
  • Battery Life – at this point in time my battery life only lasts about 30 minutes (new computer anyone?) which is why I have to search out a comfortable seat with a blog. Thankfully these are plentiful but I have forgotten my charger from time to time.

What helps you stay focused when you’re writing? Share in the comments below!


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