My birthday was this week and as birthdays come and go I like to have a mini flash to the past and think back on all the great things that have been accomplished since my last birthday.

Its’ a time of looking inwards to see where I’ve grown and where I need to improve and what things I’d like to see differently in the next 12 months.

Birthdays are a new beginning, a sign of life and growth. Although I’m still in my twenties I feel older, more mature and ready to handle the next adventure.


This past year saw a lot of responsibility come to rest on my shoulders career-wise. It has been a challenge but one I’m up for and one I find to be a lot of fun.

The past year I finally closed the chapter on one of my favorite jobs which I miss dearly. Working at the gym for 5 years is no joke and leaves me with a keen sense of health and well-being. I think we can all have our best bodies, it just takes some self-control and guidance but more on that in a future post.

This year I started something new, on my own. I branched out and started freelancing and put up my very own site. I joined the ranks of freelancers everywhere and now all I need to do is take to the road.

It’s been a good year, an interesting year. I should have traveled more, but I laughed a lot and loved even more.

If I had to go back and change anything, I don’t think I would. After all when the opportunity arose to buy the next hott pair of shoes I didn’t need, I said yes every time. And I have no regrets.

How do you like to celebrate the next milestone?

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