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Book Launch

Writing a book? It’s never too early to start planning your book launch. Get 1:1 guidance as you plan your first or next book launch.


Book Marketing

Need ideas on how to market your book? Get expert guidance on how to boost your book sales and expand your fan base.


Author Website

Ready to build your author platform? It all starts with a website, the one-stop hub for reader to learn more about you and your books.



Do you have a question about book marketing? Need an immediate answer?



Lessons Learned from a Year of Gratitude

Waves of gratitude met me in 2017. The first day of the year I opened my gratitude journal and wrote out what I was thankful for, what would make the day great, and what steps I would take to make the day amazing. Looking back on those moments, I didn’t realize what...

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Indie Authors: Stop Giving Away Free Books

Dear Indie Authors, Please stop giving away your books for free. Please. One of the popular reasons authors give away books for free is to build a readership, and to increase the sale through of other books in their series. However, there’s one problem with free...

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Staying Productive as an Indie Author

How do you stay productive as an indie author? Over the past year I’ve written and published three novels, stayed up to date on book marketing, built new relationships and dodged the black hole of social media. As of late, I’ve had many writers and authors ask me, how...

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Praise for Angela

What authors, writers, and bloggers are saying

“Angela J. Ford’s course, “How to Plan a Book Launch,” is here to turn an overwhelming process into a carefully orchestrated marketing strategy.”

Ellen Smith | Author of RELUCTANT CASSANDRA

I am so glad I worked with Angela to publish my first book. She guided me to expert sites so my overall project would look polished and professional. She was so supportive and helpful when ever I needed clarification and assistance. I am thrilled with my book and the reactions and feedback I am getting colleagues, friends, family, and strangers who are reading my book. If you are planning on writing a book and feel unsure about the process then Angela is the one you should pick to guide you.

Diana Cushway | Author

“Angela is so knowledgeable on all things related to launching your book! Every time I talk with her or read her content I learn something new.”

Rachel Ritlop M. Ed | Career & Business Coach


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Planning a book launch?


So you want an epic book launch but you don’t know where to start.

Or maybe you’ve launched a book before and it didn’t go as well as you’d hoped!

The question is what should you be doing? What are the steps to follow for a book launch?

I’ll lay it all out in this quick guide, along with a launch timeline and marketing ideas to keep the book buzz strong!

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