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Book Launch

Writing a book? It’s never too early to start planning your book launch. Download the free guide and stay ahead of the game.


Book Marketing

Need ideas on how to market your book? Can you set aside 10-15 minutes a day? Take the 30-day book marketing challenge and learn how to increase your book’s visibility.


Author Website

Ready to build your author platform? It all starts with a website, the one-stop hub for reader to learn more about you and your books.


Planning a book launch?

Learn the exact steps I took to get my book into the hands of 2,000 readers in 60 days

In this guide you’ll discover:

A suggested book launch timeline

My favorite book marketing and design resources to make your work shine

Marketing ideas to keep the book buzz strong even after launch

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“Angela is so knowledgeable on all things related to launching your book! Every time I talk with her or read her content I learn something new.”

Rachel Ritlop M. Ed | Career & Business Coach

“Angela J. Ford’s course, “How to Plan a Book Launch,” is here to turn an overwhelming process into a carefully orchestrated marketing strategy.”

Ellen Smith | Author of RELUCTANT CASSANDRA


An Honest Look at the Aftermath of a Fiction Book Launch

Back in February I took you behind the scenes of a fiction book launch and told you my plan for my first out of three book launches for 2017. Since the first launch is over, I thought I’d share what worked well, what went wrong, and what I’ll do differently next time....

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