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Zero to Launch: A Self-Publishing Roadmap

Hitting publish is nerve wrecking. It doesn’t matter what it is. A blog post. A Tweet. A new book. There’s always a moment of hesitation, quickly replaced with total exuberance. Since releasing The Blended Ones the #1 question I’ve gotten is: What does it take to...

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An Honest Look at the Aftermath of a Fiction Book Launch

Back in February I took you behind the scenes of a fiction book launch and told you my plan for my first out of three book launches for 2017. Since the first launch is over, I thought I’d share what worked well, what went wrong, and what I’ll do differently next time....

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Promote your Book and Engage Readers with a Quiz

(This post contains affiliate links) Buzzfeed has a lot of quizzes and I often find myself sitting on the website, taking quiz after quiz for no reason. It’s fun. It amuses me. And I always want to know if I agree with my results, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t....

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Author Resources to Make your Book Marketing Effortless

Have you ever felt like book marketing is overwhelming? Does it seem like doing a lot of busy work to get your name and your book out there with little to no results? This year I’m releasing three books, which means three book launches, and three ongoing book...

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Determining What Kind of Editor You Need

You know the writing process has several stages, but did you also know there are several stages of editing and types of editors? You may find yourself wondering what the next step is for your book manuscript, and you will likely need at least one of these three types...

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Behind the Scenes of a Fiction Book Launch

As many of you know, I write fiction books, more specifically, fantasy novels with huge, long word counts and hundreds of pages in an imaginary land I like to pretend is quite real. This year, I plan on releasing not 1, not 2, but 3 books in my epic fantasy series....

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Why You “Never Have Any Good Ideas”

This is a guest blog by Edeline Wrigh artist, writer, and creativity coach. “I wish I were creative like you. I just never have any good ideas.” I have heard this sentiment more times than I'd dare to try to count. This isn't a reason not to make stuff – it's an...

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5 Ways to Use Email Marketing to Sell More Books

As a novelist, growing my email list is a key way introduce readers to my book series and encourage them to buy my books. While it didn’t take long to build my email list up, it has taken some time to learn how to turn them from subscribers into readers into buyers....

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How to Make a 60% Royalty off your Paperback Novel

When it comes to self-publishing your novel, there are many distributors available to help you release your words into the world and sell them in many places. While Amazon seems like the giant of all book sales, there are other opportunities to consider when you...

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What to Look for When Hiring a Book Cover Designer

Imagine this scenario. You’ve finished the first draft of your book. In anticipation of your book launch, you’ve already put together your book marketing budget. Now all you need to do is hire the experts who will work with you, helping you turn your dream into a...

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Setting Expectations for 2017

2016 was quite the year. It had its amazing moments, like spending a week in San Francisco and enjoying the glory of the Pacific Ocean. It had its ups like traveling once a month, being in the wedding of one of my best friends, and finishing The Blended Ones. It also...

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How to Make Extra Money During The Holidays

We’ve all had the income streams that ebb and flow much like the ocean. Sometimes the tide is high and you’re just rolling in dollar bills, much like the couple in Neighbors 2 (seriously, one of my favorite movies, feel free to judge). Instead of one consistent...

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